The journey to the key of life

after the temples of Egypt with a cruise on the Nile on a private boat

17.09. - 28.09. 2024

Imagine walking through the temples of Egypt, which carry the energy of the chakras, while healing your body, soul and mind...

9 places available

"If we are ready to change our lives for the better, we will attract everything that will help us to do so"  —Louise L. Hay 

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Together cest offices Golavita Travel we have prepared this wonderful one for you an experiential journey through Egypt temples that carry the energy of the 7 main chakras.

Chakras are energy centers on the body and their condition directly affects your life satisfaction.

This loving journey allows you to gently and kindly release any blocks from your body (chakras), soul and mind to discover your key to life and live your full potential.

The key to life opens the door to unconditional love and compassion, joy, lightness, stability and abundance.

Are you wondering how this journey came to be?

I was led to organize this wonderful tour of the temples of Egypt in 2021, when I "accidentally" appeared in Egypt on vacation. More on my blog Wishes from the heart come true.

You will experience 2 significant energetic days on the way.

18.09. at 04:35 the full moon is in Aries and you can look forward to a meditation related to this topic.

22.09. at 14:44 the autumnal equinox occurs. This day we will visit the Kom Ombo temple, where we will connect the light and dark side in ourselves to become whole. In the afternoon we will have a festive cocoa ceremony and in the evening we will dance. The autumnal equinox is the day when the energy gates are opened and the spiritual work has a multifold intensity.


The trip includes a 4-day cruise on a luxury private boat on the Nile from Aswan to Luxor.


An amazing experiential journey awaits you

  • experience beautiful and healing energy Egyptian temples Abu Simbel, Philae, Kom Ombo, Edfu, Dendera, Hatshepsut, Karnak and Luxor
  • you will experience the divine energy within the most famous the great pyramids of giza
  • you will see the majestic Sphinx with your own eyes
  • you will experience magic Alley of the Sphinx - the path of the gods, which connects the temples of Karnak and Luxor
  • you will visit sanctuaries, the strongest place of the temple, which are closed to the common tourist
  • you will enjoy a cruise on the sacred Nile, along the spine of Egypt, as the Nile is called - we will sail energetically through the body from the coccyx up and gradually visit temples from the 1st chakra to the 7th chakra
  • you will visit a Nubian village, where the natives live, and here you can hold a baby crocodile for a while
  • you will visit an alabaster workshop where you can buy handmade figurines, vases...
  • you will visit a factory of sacred chakra oils
  • you will get a personal insight of the Egyptian healer - the owner of the factory sacred chakra oils
  • you will experience meditations, a cacao ceremony, sharing, dancing and energetic exercises
  • you will get professional interpretation of the history of Egypt local Egyptologist
  • you will also enjoy relaxation by the sea at the beginning and at the end of the trip

The trip is prepared for a group of 8-14 people - the group can be mixed with Czech (Slovak) and English speakers

They will take care of you with love on your journey 2 guides:

Míla Aine Hlávková – astrologer and guide to inner harmony – I will guide you through chakra topics, meditation, cacao ceremony, sharing, dance and support you on your journey.

Ashraf El Masry – trained Egyptologist and tour guide he will provide you with a historical interpretation of the temples and ensure a smooth journey.

NEWS: This trip is conducted in Czech and English at the same time - so the group can be linguistically mixed.

In the picture gallery you will find a map of Egypt where it is marked where you will look with us.

Want a detailed trip description?

Email me at, and I will be happy to send it to you by email.

Do you have questions about the trip?

We organize this trip twice a year, always during the equinox (March and September).

Are you a group of friends and want to organize a trip just for you on a different date?

Email me at or call directly at +420 603 410 114.

What will the experiential journey through the temples of Egypt bring you?

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I talked about the RE-BIRTH journey with Adriana Ježková of the well-known YouTube channel Paths to Self.

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Listen to the authentic sharing of "tour participant" Andrea Chládková from March 2023. What did the trip give her and why does she recommend it to every woman?

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We have prepared a video report from September 2022 for you.

 A conversation about a trip to Egypt

I also talked to Ava Brožová from the well-known YouTube channel Příznaky transformationa about the journey of RE-BIRTH.

The journey to the key of life will support you in the following topics:

sparking vitality, joy, abundance and love

drawing on wisdom and knowledge

awakening the gifts of the soul

self-healing - topics of self-love, self-respect, self-confidence, forgiveness, unconditional love and compassion, communication of feelings and trust in intuition and higher guidance

healing the relationship with a partner, parents, child

clearing emotions of fear, shame, guilt, anger, anger, defiance, sadness, regret....

healing femininity, masculinity and fertility

clearing karmic burdens from the lineage and past lives


happy, full of energy, self-confidence, filled with love and gratitude

Allow yourself to embark on a journey to the cradle of humanity

and move forward in your life by leaps and bounds….❤️

The price of the trip is CZK 59.950

(possibility of payment in installments)

Reserve your place by paying a deposit of CZK 20.000.

The deadline for applications is 15.08.2024/31.08.2024/XNUMX and the additional travel payment is until XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX.

Possibility of payment to a euro or dollar account after previous agreement.

The price includes

transfer from the airport and back to the airport

accommodation in hotels

accommodation on a luxury private boat - 2-bed cabins with private bathroom

meal = breakfast, lunch and dinner

all-inclusive drinks at the hotel and on the ship

travel by air-conditioned minibus

train journey from Luxor to Aswan

overnight trip by sleeper train from Luxor to Giza (including dinner and breakfast) - double compartment with sink and mirror

entrance fees to all temples including the pyramids of Giza

extra entrance fee inside the great pyramid

entrance fees to shrines and corridors that are closed to ordinary tourists

personal insight and chakra diagnosis

support and guidance of spiritual guides - meditation, dance, sharing and individual support

services of a local guide - Egyptologist - interpretation of the history of temples in English

interpreting from the English language

It is not included in the price

return ticket

travel insurance

visa - 25 USD

money for personal consumption - tip, WC

gratuity of USD 30 for Nile cruise crew

drinks - water, coffee and other drinks in restaurants or cafes

option to purchase a balloon trip for €80 - the experience of seeing the sunrise from a balloon and viewing the sights around Luxor from a height

passport valid for at least 6 months after returning to the Czech Republic

visa - you will receive a form on the plane and buy a visa in Egypt at the airport

Zuzka I recommend the trip from the bottom of my heart to everyone! Everything is secured and we are completely taken care of. Just tell Mila or Ashraf and you're done. So, from the point of view of organization, the trip is absolutely great. Whether I'm missing sunscreen or diarrhea pills, just point and a helping hand will appear. Sometimes I'm even afraid to think about anything, because my every wish is answered almost immediately. So beware of secret wishes. And then, of course, divine interpretations, both about history and the places visited by the Egyptian guide Ashraf, as well as interpretations from Mila's position as a guide and astrologer.
There are a thousand and one ways to get to Egypt. For me, only with Mila. Either I'm autistic and don't change my experiences or it was just super organized and warm, loving. I just want to Mile
to add, she already knows it, but now it's ofiko. Black on white. Our dear Míla is like an open book and will say
on himself and what he doesn't know. He never judges and, on the contrary, throws in some of his story that people are easy
they will understand that we are in the same boat. On the Nile, literally and figuratively. If someone gives me
space, so it's her. He cares, he cares, he gives. She doesn't take even if she should. Soft and graceful when she dances.
Beautiful when she sings. To kill when he is criticized for what he can do. To be able to half sing like her, like that
I throw away my role as a court jester, I am the queen and Rome pays tribute to me...I would never kiss again
she didn't close. But I let Milea sing Cleopatra. I would go to the end of the world for her singing.
I don't remember a dull moment. He comes up with a lot of ideas that promote a good mood, throws keys into the canal, runs down a bare rock on his ass, goes to haunt the castle at night...Foul word
won't even say for a bag of shit... just after wine, obligatory my goddess. I want to write completely normal,
natural female. No one has to be afraid of her. Not even that he won't enjoy the trip. I'm just not sure about that right now
normal. What is actually normal?
I change seeing Naples and dying (weaker natures prefer before) to Experiencing Egypt and being born.

Marketa Egypt is a place that means a lot to me. I knew I would go there one day when the time was right. Then I saw the program of the trip organized by Míla and I knew it was for me. : ) It's been a month since we returned and I'm still full of impressions, I return in my mind to those places. The sacred journey through the chakras of Egypt was simply incredible and exceeded all my expectations.😊 Every temple, even the dusty road from the car or even the hotel in Aswan, all those places are in my heart. And also the women I met along the way. The "randomly" selected group of six, now close friends, with whom I had nothing in common before the trip. And also our guide, without whom our trip through Egypt would not be complete. It is wonderful to visit those strong places with a knowledgeable man who knows all about them and can add his unique insight based on his experience and knowledge.

THANK YOU SO MUCH, it was a unique experience.❤


Gabriela It's an incredible ride from start to finish, full of experiences, fun, you'll learn a lot of information about Egypt, monuments and production of some products, you'll get to places where tourists don't usually go, you can learn a lot about yourself too. It is a wonderful set-up route, where you will pass most of the monuments, you will see a piece of Egypt in its non-tourist form, the cruise on the Nile is unforgettable. You will return richer in experiences and with a lot of knowledge and experience. The route is perfectly organized. And I dare to say that you will find it difficult to find such a comprehensive program and organizational service elsewhere...:-).

Lucia I was looking forward to the sacred journey through the chakras of Egypt with a cruise on the Nile as a little girl. What I actually had the opportunity to experience, experience, feel, see and perceive exceeded any of my expectations. I returned home forever different, full of beautiful impressions, experiences, with great humility and kindness towards life and myself.

Thank you to everyone who shared this beautiful journey with me🫶

Michaela I would like to thank Miluška for the wonderful trip to Egypt and her conscious guidance and support. I am very grateful for all the experiences, especially the healing of the relationship with my parents and the rebirth in the pyramid. On the day we went to the pyramid, it was my birthday and I literally went into labor. It was not easy, but Miluška lovingly guided me through the whole process and I feel that I was born into an adult woman. My wounded inner child has healed and I am looking forward to a new life. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Veronika When I saw the offer of the Sacred Journey to Egypt, I felt that it was made for me, and I had no idea what treasures it would bring me. I met a kindred spirit with whom new opportunities for cooperation opened up. My past life was revealed to me in Egypt and I finally understood why I was afraid of hurting people. Thanks to Mila, who helped me go through this topic and forgive myself, I feel freer and happier. I cleared my third eye and through the guidance of my intuition I saw the meaning of my life and the gifts I can offer women. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this trip!

Danush I have known Egypt for 13 years and I like to go there to relax on the beaches, but I have never visited any temple or pyramids because I didn't like the mass events from tour group delegates and I didn't want to go alone because my fellow travelers weren't interested. Then my mom died and I thought it's time to fulfill my dreams, so I started looking for sightseeing tours on the Internet. In the search engine there were often words like a cruise on the Nile. I was interested in the offers until I worked my way to the minimum number of interested parties and there were 20, 25 and 40. Again, a mass event. And those extra charges for an unoccupied bed. It wasn't until one evening that I saw an offer on Facebook for the Sacred Way ...., WOW, number of places 12, for women, WOW, that's interesting. And then ….after the chakras of Egypt, well, I don't know much about that. I tried to write an e-mail to Mila to see if it is suitable even for a complete layman, unaccustomed to chakras and astrology. I got a beautiful answer and it was decided. I had the trip booked and paid for in two days. It was September. But of course there were doubts, will I fit in with the other women who were all interested in something, will I understand them? We gradually got to know each other via chat, video call, and I felt that it would be fine. Today I know that I was supposed to be there, my place was for me and I completed our group and on the first day she became part of our great group of amazing women. If you hesitate, don't hesitate, don't think at all, don't look for reasons why you can't, I also know that nowadays it's not a small amount, but invest it in yourself, because you will be taken care of and you will feel like a queen. Perfect organization and planning. Thanks to Mila and Ashraf. We really walked like queens, we got out of the car and immediately there was accommodation, dinner, we got off the boat, carriages with horses were already waiting for us, whatever we needed, water, toilet, coffee, everything was done before we said it. I smile in front of both of them. Really perfectly matched. You will experience eleven incredible days that you will never forget. New friendships and our group were born, we are sisters and we write to each other, we talk about what we have experienced at home and we are still in touch and plan further. We want to meet again and experience more nice days together.


Petra Egypt…never appealed to me. Pharaoh's revenge, Death not only on the Nile and suffocating heat. 🤪😉 It just didn't exist on my wish list. Until suddenly he called. Loud and clear. I didn't want to, the call woke up a lot of fears and skeletons in the closet(I.e.…I hugged them and said YES. ❤️ And on the autumnal equinox, my transformative journey began with a cruise on the Nile. 🦋 With respect and humility, I walked every day towards another remembrance. In subtlety, these energetically strong places, from which the voice of the god Horus, Isis, Hathor, Hatshepsut, Sources... spoke to me, broke me to pieces. Both above and below. Both inside and outside. Cleaning and transformation on all levels was the order of the day and night. Laying aside the seven veils with Ishtar, who has been with me since the beginning... Releasing wounds, patterns and burdens that no longer serve. Termination. Sacred nothing …and a new beginning is just being composed…I am 🌈????✨💎 Joy, playfulness, dancing, singing, laughter, crying, pain, letting go, synchronicities, manifestation, abundance and acceptance, opening, guidance, trust, deep old-new friendships – those who know the Cloud Atlas understand…

Thank you to everyone who stood by me, shared joy with me and supported me in difficult moments up close and in dreams. Thank you to the wonderful guides Míla Aine Hlávková, Ashraf El Masry and all of you who sailed on the same boat. Thank you Egypt. I thank myself. Thank you that I can. 💚

Days Excerpt from the trip down the Nile……. waking up this morning is accompanied by the gentle rocking of the boat, I realize what a beautiful day awaits me. I slowly get up and look forward to learning more on this amazing journey🍀. On the way on board, the aroma of coffee wafts through, in a little while the coffee is served and I return a grateful smile to the owner of the ship, who happily serves me the coffee 🫶. I observe local children enjoying innocent childish play on the Nile beach. Birds dance on the bow of the ship and I listen to their wonderful song. I perceive the morning dawn and on my face, I feel the first rays of the rising sun 🌞, I set my face to the sun and feel immense gratitude for the first morning feelings of utter bliss………

GET OUT ❤️ and let yourself be carried away by the bliss of life, at least for a few days together with a deep experience of ancient EGYPT(I.e.🇪🇬

Sonia I am happy that I treated myself to a trip to Egypt, which I have dreamed of for a long time. You won't believe it but we had a female in the place we lived and I felt a strong connection from the beginning, the first time I petted her I realized she was the soul of my long dead female and my heart was filled with joy. I will remember this incredible meeting for the rest of my life! Another powerful experience for me was healing an injury with a man from my youth, in the Kom Ombo temple. I am very grateful for the kind guidance and gentleness with which Míla took care of us throughout the journey. I highly recommend the path, it is truly sacred!

Christina I would like to thank Mila very much for the beautiful journey through the temples of Egypt. Several themes that we shared became apparent to me and I realized the importance of not expecting. I understood which part of me likes to take control of my life and meddle in my relationships, and now I know that it's okay to show emotions, but not against people, but to work with them alone and pour them out of my body to make me he didn't have a stomach ache. Míla helped me through several processes and I am extremely grateful to her for her support and care with which she took care of us. I admire how she sensed the topic and always knew what to do and never hesitated for a second. I feel great relaxation, joy and lightness in life. Thank you very much!



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