It was April 2021, they were closed and I just cooked and cooked and cooked… I was so tired and I wanted a week off for myself… Every day I told myself that I wanted to get away for a week, just do nothing, just rest and be…
I shared my wish with a friend and she tells me: "Come with us to Egypt 😉.” I never thought about vacationing in Egypt, we went to Greece a lot. But at that time I didn't care where I was going, the main thing was that I would disappear for a while...
So we set off – 4 women, the sea, relaxation, amazing temples and English. I was thrilled and enjoyed every minute…
We had a great guide who took wonderful care of us. We drove around the sights in an air-conditioned minibus, they had a great expert explanation because our guide is a studied Egyptologist, then he took us out for a delicious meal, it was just fantastic…😎 I was so grateful for the care we had, it was exactly what I wanted…😉
The top for me was the visit to the Pyramid of Cheops, where I went alone. While checking the ticket, the interns said Good Luck to me. I smiled and stepped inside. I was lucky that there were no tourists there. I climbed up inside the pyramid and felt the divine energy from the very first steps...
When I entered the room with the sarcophagus, I went to my knees, literally. The presence of the gods was so strong and pure… my body was flooded with humility and gratitude like never before in my life… The 10 minutes I spent in this room were unforgettable… As I exited the pyramid the guards said Welcome back, they know …😉
When we were going back to Hurghada, our guide asked me: "What's your job, Milo?" I told him about astrology and chakra seminars that came to me from above, including guided meditations... And he tells me: "Do you know that there are temples in Egypt that carry chakra energy?" I rolled my eyes and my heart jumped with joy... We talked about it for a while and then arrived at the hotel.
When I came back from Egypt, I sat on the terrace and looked at the greenery. I was excited about all those experiences, the amazing energy of the temples and also about English, which I love... And that's where it came...
AND WHY DON'T YOU MAKE CHAKRAS IN EGYPT? I jumped out of my chair and shouted WELL THAT'S AN IDEA!
In a month in July 2021, we went to Egypt again, this time for a family vacation with a friend's family and I met our guide again. We did a day trip so it wasn't too much for the kids and I told him my idea… He was excited…
I took a group to Egypt for the first time in March 2022 - 6 women and they walked through the temples from the 1st chakra to the 7th chakra and it was amazing.
Our guide arranged everything again and we enjoyed the care, energy and explanations in the temples, good food and togetherness...
Day after day we went through the temples and let go what was ready to go.
With a kind presence, a conscious word, sharing, meditation, dance, hugs and listening, I supported them on their journey of REBIRTH.
It was wonderful to watch them blossom day by day…🌺
Egypt is a place that means a lot to me. I knew I would go there one day when the time was right. Then I saw the program of the trip organized by Míla and I knew it was for me. : ) It's been a month since we returned and I'm still full of impressions, I return in my mind to those places. The sacred journey through the chakras of Egypt was simply incredible and exceeded all my expectations.😊 Every temple, even the dusty road from the car or even the hotel in Aswan, all those places are in my heart. And also the women I met along the way. The "randomly" selected group of six, now close friends, with whom I had nothing in common before the trip. And also our guide, without whom our trip through Egypt would not be complete. It is wonderful to visit those strong places with a knowledgeable man who knows all about them and can add his unique insight based on his experience and knowledge.
THANK YOU SO MUCH, it was a unique experience.❤️
From September 2022, the trip is enriched with a cruise on the Nile on a private sailboat ⛵️, which adds a touch of luxury to the journey of REBIRTH and deepens the experience of the journey. 
The sacred river Nile is called the backbone of Egypt, a we sail along this spine energetically with the body and visit the temples of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd chakras (and then continue by minibus, train or even a balloon).
Thanks to sailing on a private boat, we have the opportunity to anchor along the way and to dip the sacred Nile..., but also to meditate, dance and enjoy this wonderful space for yourself. Thanks to the care of the crew, excellent food and beautiful cabins, we feel like queens on the ship….❤️
You can find more information about the trip <a href="">here</a>.
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