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I am an astrologer and guide to inner harmony through astrology, journey, ritual or therapy.


Where do we start?

Have you been feeling for a long time that you finally want to wake up and start living?
Are you still stepping on the spot and looking only below your feet instead of at the stars? 
Would you like to find new hobbies, but you have no idea what you actually like? 
Are you used to always going for performance and not taking care of yourself, so you often feel empty? 

I am here for you, ready to lend a helping hand and be your guide on the way to yourself, to your essence, inner strength, femininity and love. Whether with the help of astrology, a conscious journey to Egypt, ritual or therapy.

Start the desire to enjoy your life, experience joy and love and live with ease.

My services

Conscious journeys to Egypt

Do you know that conscious travel accelerates your journey to personal satisfaction in life? It is the best investment in your own experience that will remain forever in your heart... I have prepared for you 2 wonderful trips that will change your life forever...

Mila Hlávková

A star map of your potential

What you excel at is in the stars. Literally.

Stop doubting yourself and let yourself be shown what kind of gifts you have received in the wine! We will find out from the position of the planets at the time of your birth. Discover your life potential and start using it to the fullest! 

Relationships under the baton of the planets

What do you not/do give to each other?

This too can be read from the position of the planets at the time of your birth! The partner horoscope will show you not only the causes, but also the way out.

Egyptian healing in the pyramid

Are you dissatisfied with yourself or in your relationship? Do you suffer from health or psychological problems?

I will take you to the pyramid where I will release your body, soul and mind.

Personal and rites of passage

Are you missing the end of a stage in your life? Transforming from a girl to a woman? In the mother?

You can experience it under my sensitive guidance. Either it will be just the two of us, or you can go through the ritual in a safe circle of women who will support you.

Mila Hlávková
Mila Hlávková

Who I am?

An authentic and supportive guide to a happier life. My passion is conscious journeys to Egypt and working with the chakras to tell me where the source of your imbalance is. I can also reveal your potential, what the planets say about you and show you how to use your gifts. Or do you want to experience Egyptian healing in a pyramid with me in my studio in Čelákovice? 

"Every difficult situation is a gift, a gift for insight and awakening, a gift for change"

Míla Aine Hlávková

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How to use the energy of the full moon in Capricorn?

How to use the energy of the full moon in Capricorn?

🌕♑️ FULL MOON in Capricorn 21.07. 2024 at 12:17 ♑️🌕 The energy of the full moon is noticeable from 19.07. from 10:14 to 21.07. until 13:42 p.m. Highly sensitive people perceive full moon energies even earlier than indicated. The sun is in the water sign of Cancer and the moon is in the earth sign of Capricorn, on...

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How to use the energy of the New Moon in Cancer?

How to use the energy of the New Moon in Cancer?

NEW MOON in CANCER 06.07.2023/00/57 04.07:22 The energy of the new moon is noticeable from 51/07.07. from 05:55 to XNUMX. XNUMX:XNUMX Here we have the first new moon in New Earth, which has turned into the period around the summer solstice... Did you notice it? The rebirth of Mother Earth has come that you could…

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